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FHA Minimum Down Program 

Our affiliate program provides everyone with one mortgage product, which is the best one available anywhere from 3 ½% to no down payment, No closing costs, No fees, at a below market fixed rate and you do not need perfect credit. This affiliate is unique in that we counsel everyone into this one incredible product which makes homeownership affordable. We are committed to counsel all prospective homebuyers until they succeed in purchasing an affordable home. 
Identified below are some common documents required for purchasing a home.

  1. Bank Statements – last three months
  2. Pay Stubs – last 30 days
  3. Last 2 years of W-2’s – current job
  4. Photo ID and SS#
  5. Other misc documents that may be listed

Once you are Loan Qualified, you would attend a Purchase Workshop. You will be provided with information on: identifying properties; addressing repair issues; requirements for obtaining Loan Program Credit Access Approval and submitting a mortgage application; processing the mortgage; and Affiliate’s Membership Assistance Program. You will receive your Loan Qualification Letter and Form and can begin searching for the home of your dreams. You will also get access to properties that lenders own (i.e. REO properties) and can be purchased on very favorable terms. 

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